Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Two quick thoughts that I had throughout my day

Thought 1 - speed reading through legal text is like speeding through sex. You can do either, but it's just not the same as doing it right.

Thought 2 - To get a good job I have to work hard AND train hard, life won't just hand me what I want? This is socialism if I have ever heard it. Thank goodness everyone was up in arms against Obama to keep him from indoctrinating our youth with this socialist propaganda!

End sarcasm.

Watch it and decide for yourself rather than flipping out before it happens and pulling your kids out of school, showing it to only 3rd grade and above, or any of the other unbelievable things people did.

I think that we should have a media literacy class for our youth that teaches you to actually think about the ideas presented to you so you can decide for yourself. I would be scared as hell if FOX News, NPR, or any other media outlet set our agenda. It is up to us to actually sift through the ideas and form an opinion.

1 comment:

  1. I read the speech yesterday at work and when I was done I thought "well played Obama." I thought the speech was very relevant for young people and I hope that it helps. Can't say that it would have motivated me to have the president tell me I should study. But maybe I'm wrong.