Thursday, September 3, 2009

I am against blogging, yet I am starting one.

So I decided that I would crack down and start blogging so I don't get tired of telling the same stories over again and again.

The first story I have for everyone is a good one to let everyone laugh at me doing something stupid.

First, a little background on they way it works at my school for 1L students. We have several sections. There are 2 large classes (Contracts and Civil Procedure) in which there are about 100 students who are in the same section with me. There are two small classes with 20-30 students each (Torts and Legal Writing). The students in the small class are comprised of those who are also in my large classes.

Today my first class was Legal Writing followed by Contracts, I had to print something for Contracts and because of printer problems I was already 1 minute late when leaving the library. I wasn't too happy about this since we had a different professor teaching us because the regular prof's husband had surgery.

I hopped on the elevator (my class is on the 4th floor, no way was I running that) and hopped off and ran into class. The professor asks me if she can help me. I say "I'm in this class." (I was prepared to be yelled at because some professors love to harass people for sport). She acted wicked surprised and started looking through her roll. I sat down, and looked around and this one girl was shaking her head at me. I thought she was just giving me a hard time for being late. I shot her a look back with a "what can you do," kind of look.

The professor then says "you're not on the roll," "I'm not?" "Nope, you're not in this class."

I then take a look around the room again and realize that this really wasn't my class. They were from my section, but none of them were in my legal writing class. I stood up and gave a brief "we were supposed to have a different professor so I didn't realize it" apology told everyone to have fun in class and walked out the door.

I then looked at the classroom number, it was 304.... I got off the elevator a floor early. It is a damn good thing I don't ever feel embarrassed, otherwise that one would have been a doozy.


  1. Hahahaha! I thought Jeron never made mistakes! Funny funny.

  2. And I'm really glad you started a blog!! XOXO

  3. hahahaha! Oh Jeron, I never thought I'd see the day that YOU would make a blog. YOU of all people...wierd.

  4. I dont believe one word of this lie! you are perfect in every way and think this is made up!

  5. I am excited you started this blog. Now I can stock you like a creepy X-girlfriend.

  6. I wish I had the 'never embarassed' gene. I feel stupid all the time! Better luck next time!