Saturday, October 3, 2009

Kancho - prank of the stars

I have found a new and amazing reason to want to spend time in Japan. They have one of the most glorious and hilarious customary pranks that I have ever come across. This prank is called "Kancho."

Let me paint a picture of this for you. First close your eyes and imagine......

That method isn't really going to work with text is it. So, imagine this vividly, step by step and don't skip ahead to the end.

Imagine you are at a party, maybe you are a little tipsy, and you feel like pulling a bit of a prank. You like the people who own the house, so an upper decker is out of the question. So you remember the ancient art of the Kancho and you immediately put it into action.

You take your hands and interlace your fingers so that only your index fingers are pointing out - basically the Charlies Angel's gun pose (except not so slutty and overdone like on Facebook where ugly girls are trying to look hot).

You crouch down and start creeping silently like a ninja. You slowly creep undetected until BOOOOOM!! In one upward thrust you jam your fingers right up some poor unsuspecting person's butt. I would suggest after that you run, because as soon as the shock goes away from your victim he(or she) will be coming after you.

Once I found out about this ancient form of hazing, pranking, wife hunting, what have you, I knew I had found the single most brilliant action in the world.

If you are a fan of anime, here is a clip from Naruto illustrating the ancient technique.

I have yet to try this out for fear of a lawsuit, this is why I have to go to Japan where this isn't only acceptable, it's encouraged.

I only remembered to write down one thing for my the Heard on the Streets of New York quotes.

"He tried to dig here from Savannah, Georgia with a missile strapped to his back." (This was someone talking on the phone, if I could have heard both sides of the conversation I would have stuck around for more)


  1. I think you like it cause you want to be able to poke asian girls butts without retribution. I'm onto you Jeron. I know what you are up to :)

  2. I can totally see you doing that Jeron. And I hope you don't end up with some law suits while in Law School. Save up for the trip to Japan.

  3. The little guy in the anime almost looked like he enjoyed it for a minute. I think the only way you could get away with that is if all participants are drunk.